This Just Jin Worldwide!

I am currently the editor and co-producer of the webseries, THIS JUST JIN – WORLDWIDE! streaming now on YouTube and Vimeo. The series is an often humorous take on the life of a traveling freelance model. It is outrageous, joyous, silly, contemplative, and hopefully moving. Anyone who has ever missed someone else while traveling or has ever felt like a total fish-out-of-water in a foreign locale will find themselves in this. The realities of being a freelance model, a young woman, in an industry plagued with many of the same issues as adjacent industries is explored, both directly and indirectly. The beautiful landscape of many countries is also showcased: Iceland, India, China, and the Ukraine among them.

This documentary series is a blonde-on-the-ground, mostly self-shot, seat-of-the-pants journey created by and starring the one and only Jin N Tonic, a Los Angeles-based model in her first worldwide adventure. It’s truly a planes, trains, and automobiles, overloaded luggage, low on sleep, mad journey. This unrated series has been censored on social media but the uncensored episodes are available for download. Check out Jin’s official site for more info.

Check out the latest episode here:

The entire series can be found here.