This Just Jin Worldwide! (web series)

I am currently the editor and co-producer of the webseries, THIS JUST JIN – WORLDWIDE! streaming now on YouTube and Vimeo. The series is an often humorous take on the life of a traveling freelance model. It is outrageous, joyous, silly, contemplative, and hopefully moving. Anyone who has ever missed someone else while traveling or has ever felt like a total fish-out-of-water in a foreign locale will find themselves in this. The realities of being a freelance model, a young woman, in an industry plagued with many of the same issues as adjacent industries is explored, both directly and indirectly. The beautiful landscape of many countries is also showcased: Iceland, India, China, and the Ukraine among them.

This documentary series is a blonde-on-the-ground, mostly self-shot, seat-of-the-pants journey created by and starring the one and only Jin N Tonic, a Los Angeles-based model in her first worldwide adventure. It’s truly a planes, trains, and automobiles, overloaded luggage, low on sleep, mad journey. 

The life of a freelance model ain’t PG! This series is frank and raw and has been censored on social media for language, drug use, and nudity. The uncensored episodes are available for download.  For more info, check out Jin’s official site.

To get to watching the entire free censored series now,  go here.

Selected Clips

Teaser Trailer


The following are from Episode 8, which is set in Paris. These clips contain profanity and some nude art.


Excerpt: “Mine Likes It When She Don’t See Me" (Monologue)

This is an excerpt from “Mine Likes It When She Don’t See Me,” a monologue that was produced by SceneShop in Fort Worth, Texas in August 2014.

Simon, the main character, is a bumbling, but lovable wanna-be car thief. He describes how he meets the love of his life one evening in an East Texas shopping mall parking lot. Simon’s short, asthmatic, irascible associate, Herman, convinces Simon to go along with an ill-advised plan to steal his on-again, off-again girlfriend Martha’s Pink Caddie in a bid to win her back.

The highly incompetent duo come face-to-face with the very formidable professional car thief Shelby, who has already stolen the car. Herman threatens Shelby with his gun (“Henrietta”) in an even more ill-advised attempt to intimidate her. Instead, Herman discovers two things: that he is not ever going to intimidate Shelby and that Simon is infatuated with her. Neither makes Herman happy:


‘Shelby says’,” Herman kinda laughs, lookin’ from me to Shelby. “What, you like this bitch all of a sudden?” Then tryin’ – and failin’ – to act all cool, Herman just manages to say, “Bitch, we’ll be taking this car anyway. Move a-fuckin’-side,” when, yep, he starts coughin’ and grabbin’ for his inhaler again.

Just as he’s about to take a hit, that’s when I see Shelby fly into ass-kickin’ action. Like some ninja-princess-bad-ass-Navy Seal, in one move she sends Herman’s piece clatterin’ to the ground, then grabs his inhaler with one hand and starts crushin’ Herman’s windpipe in the other. Herman’s gaspin’ and gurglin’, and I thought that this was his end o’ days. And the whole time Shelby’s tellin’ Herman he needs to start treatin’ ladies, you know, with more respect, and not to use the b-word ever again and that little boys like him shouldn’t be playin’ with no kinds o’ weapons. And to drive that shit home good, she draws one long, fine leg back and punts Henrietta clear across the parking lot. Piece: out. Damn, I was in fuckin’ love.

Still in her clutches, Herman sorta whimpered out somethin’ like, “Yes, ma’am, anything you say.” After that Shelby slowly releases her death grip letting Herman crumple into this little pathetic heap on the pavement, and for a sec I thought she’d wasted ol’ Herman. But then, like a gutless jackrabbit, he suddenly springs up and hoofs it on outta there. I never saw Herman run like that. And he nearly flooded his engine in tryin’ to get gone fast, but once he did, that was the last I seen of that dude.

After we both watched Herman’s Ford Focus disappear from our view, Shelby turns to me and says, “This may be kinda obvious, but you know you’re really in the wrong line of work.”

Then Shelby tells me I needed to come closer to her. I didn’t wanna piss her off or nothin’ so I did like she said. When I got there, Shelby leans forward, and I’m afraid she might strangle me now, but then I couldn’t believe it, instead she plants this kiss on me. Those lips, they sent me this jolt, like that time I got tased by Rosa for blockin’ the TV. Totally off my ass now, I opened my eyes, and Shelby’s car door was open a little and – damn – I see somethin’ – or someone – in Shelby’s backseat: I realize, holy shit, that’s Martha, all bound- up, wrigglin’, with duct-tape wrapped around her face.

Shelby says, “Oh, yeah. Her. You have an address where we can dump this woman?”

That night Shelby and me, we busted outta town together leavin’ Martha back on her front lawn along the way. And I asked Shelby if she needed my help in any o’ her future activities — I could be, like, her wheel man or somethin’. But she said everything’d be fine if I just kept my ass in the passenger seat.


Portraits, landscapes, models, yoga studios, stage productions, and architecture I have shot over the years.

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