Scary Me

Currently on hiatus from the Los Angeles area and sleeping in Airbnbs in the greater Sacramento area, Chris fashions himself as a jackass-of-all-trades. Chris is a screenwriter, photographer, editor, videographer, and teacher.

Chris’ current projects include the completion of a yoga methodology book in collaboration with Breath and Body Yoga, a premier Power Vinyasa studio based in Austin, Texas. Most recently, Chris was involved with the YouTube web series, THIS JUST JIN WORLDWIDE!, as the co-producer, lead video editor, and assistant videographer, which has 12 episodes live on YouTube. Chris also contributes frequently to the non-profit theatre collective based in Fort Worth, Texas known as SceneShop. In operation since 1996, SceneShop specializes in producing short, dramatic works each hot August.

Chris taught Intro Screenwriting at Boston University for two semesters as a graduate student. Currently an unrepresented writer, Chris has several spec projects in progress, both TV and film, several of which will likely be out to readers later this year.

Chris has lived in Miami, Madrid, Sarasota, Austin, and Los Angeles, but still has more miles in him before he sleeps. When the paparazzi chases him, they can usually spot him in a yoga studio, or sitting on a bicycle, in a movie theater, or on a mountain peak. Or driving Lyft, because, you know, gotta pay the bills.