Photography (since 2012)

All of life is a story– both beauty and imperfection in one. I am motivated by many things: the human form, shapes, nature, found objects, contrasts, lines, patterns, light, and texture. My partnerships with models have been especially rewarding because of their unique personalities and the electricity I feel when working with another human being in the creation of art.

Included here is a tiny subset of my journey of exploring life through image.

Tattoo Artists



LOS ANGELES, CA (2017-Present)   Headshots since 2017.

Arnold Arboretum with Luma

BOSTON, MA (Summer 2016)   Arnold Arboretum is an expansive public park and research space owned and operated by Harvard University and located near the University of Massachusetts in South Boston.

New York City

NEW YORK CITY (2016)      

Yoga Vida

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Summer 2014)   The first hot yoga studio to open in Austin.  

Abandoned Places

CLOVIS, NM (Spring 2014)   Somewhere off of I-10 (perhaps). Ghosts and visages hang about these blown-away, burned-out structures.