Watch this year’s SceneShop to see my latest work!

Watch my newest work in this year’s first-ever online edition of SceneShop.

Throughout SceneShop’s run since 1996, I have contributed many pieces, including various comedic monologues and one two-person scene.

This year, given the current pandemic and social distancing requirements that have all but disabled live entertainment, my contribution will be very different, this time in a video format–a faux commercial.

The world premiere will be August 8, 2020 at 8PM CDT on YouTube Live. The show is free. (If you can’t make it for the semi-live show, the show will be archived in its entirety on YouTube the day after.)

That said, I hope you can make it for the show! I mean, what else are you going to do??

Read the complete press release below:


No summer edition of SceneShop in 2020? Unthinkable.

On Saturday, August 8, at 8 pm, SceneShop unveils, online, “Here I Am,” an all-new collection of monologues on themes of isolation, separation, loneliness, being one in the crowd- or one apart from the crowd- or just, by God, having something to say. After that “premiere” – featuring two scenes performed live- the show will stay available on our YouTube channel, “SceneShop, Fort Worth, TX.”

The writers contributing to “Here I Am” include Rob Bosquez, Christopher Bradley, Joshua Eguia, Stephen Ellis, Natalie Gaupp, Mark G. Makin, Steven Alan McGaw, Lynda Christine Rodriguez, and Straton Rushing. The acting ensemble- with some performing their own scripts – consists of Christopher Bradley, Steven Cashion, Debbie Dacus, Winston Daniels, Stephen Ellis, Cody Jackson, Peggy Bott Kirby, Mark G. Makin, Sid Polezcek, Lynda Christine Rodriguez, Susan van Belkum, Jeffrey Watson, and Adam Whittington.

It is no exaggeration to say that this show could not happen without the technical know-how and affable guidance of our tech director and online stage manager, Michael Carver-Simmons.

Just like a physical show, there will be an intermission, complete with musical entertainment (including the debut of a new song written by longtime SceneShop collaborator Bob Francis). And just like a physical show, the audience is encouraged to perhaps enjoy a cocktail or two while watching; we feel the quality of the show likely improves in direct ratio to one’s alcohol consumption. Just a hunch.

Unlike a physical show, audience members don’t just get to tell their friends what they missed; “Here I Am” will be on YouTube for viewing- or re-viewing- anytime. And PLEASE let us know your reactions to the show, either on YouTube, or on SceneShop’s Facebook page.

Needless to say, SceneShop looks forward to the time when we can be back on stage at Arts Fifth Avenue, but we relish the opportunity to reach new viewers with “Here I Am.”

We have made no attempt to monetize “Here I Am,” the show is free. We hope folks will enjoy it, and remember us on North Texas Giving Day, happening on Thursday, September 17th.

SceneShop is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization.