I have used photography as a mode of expression since the early 2000s and have been inspired by the four corners of the U.S.– places such as Portland, Oregon; Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; and Santa Fe, New Mexico; as well as various overseas locations.

I wish to represent the human form in honest yet unique ways in landscapes, both urban and natural, that promote an interaction, either candid or posed. The textures, contours, and odd shapes of the human body warrant endless examination. The often sharp contrasts between the soft body in relation to the harsher world that surrounds is of particular interest.

From there, what happens when we isolate subjects from the world they inhabit through the focus of the camera lens? This isolation juxtaposes the stark reality outside the camera with the inherent, unavoidable, two-dimensionality wrought by the act of capturing an image. However, within the frame itself somehow, hopefully, we can lose ourselves as viewers, for the focus and attention given this one moment in time. It is these ageless moments that I am always after.